Chocolate Making

We still follow Peter's original recipes to the letter, using many of his original copper kettles.

We still roast our nuts in small batches to ensure they are as fresh as possible.

We still hand dip chocolates one by one using our special blend of premium chocolate

Fudge? Oh, yes, and cooked v-e-r-y slowly with fresh, sweet cream, butter and pure cane sugar.

If you happen to be on Warren Street almost any night before a holiday, you'll see the lights on late in our kitchen. After all, what good are all our special confections if they're not as fresh as can be when you come in?

But life is short. Don't wait for a holiday or birthday to do something nice for the family, a friend or business associate. Do it now.

As Grandpa Peter said, We’re in the Happiness Business.

Chocolate 1

Our Homemade chocolate centers are coated in our premium chocolate.

Chocolate 2

Pure Dark Chocolate bunnies are finished and await packaging.

Chocolate 3

Thousands of Solid Chocolate Bunnies are made each year for sale in our retail store and for distribution to our wholesale customers.